I.J.Abdela and Mitchell Ltd.Boatbuilders

I have always been fascinated by the fact that boats had been made at Brimscombe so far up the Thames and Severn Canal.     More remarkable was the fact that most of these were not for the local market but for the rivers of South America and other far off places.     Added to this in my formative years my Grandfather, Hugh Shaw and his son Kenneth purchased the motor vessel “Eldorita” which was built by Abdela and Mitchell.  Only to discover that she had been built not at Brimscombe but at Queensferry near Flint from where Hugh had originated.

My plan is to catalogue as many of Abdela and Mitchell’s craft as I may source.

In the 1970’s I was fortunate to meet Miss Abdela who was a niece of the Great Man but sadly she knew little detail about his work.

I welcome any photographs of Abdela and Mitchell craft for inclusion in this site please email me by the button below and send to:  email@ayland.eu

** There is an Urban Myth the boat in the film “African Queen” was constructed by Abdela and Mitchell.    This is not so, the vessel  is in doubt but was Not an Abdela and Mitchell craft.


Here is the Plan

City of Gloucester Firefloat “Salamander”  July 12th 1906